For over 40 years, Diversey Health Center has participated and hosted hundreds of health and wellness fairs in the Chicago area. We routinely perform basic health screenings for companies all around the city to help with the overall wellness of their employees. Our goal is to get the message of health out to the community and we do this by helping local businesses stay healthy!

Our office is passionate about chiropractic and philanthropy. Our health fairs and screenings include giving back to the organization or local and national charities. Over the years, our office has donated tens of thousands of dollars to organizations and charities such as Breast Cancer Research, Lurie’s Children’s Hospital and many more. We have a network of doctors, dentists, nutritionists, personal trainers, etc. that partner with our office to establish multiple disciplines of health.

If you are interested in discussing how our office can put together a health fair or screening for your company, business or school and make a charitable donation to your foundation, church, school etc., please contact our Practice Representative, Denise D’Agostino at