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 Welcome to Diversey Health Center. Our purpose is to create a clinic where patients with sports related injuries, over use injuries and musculoskeletal pain can go and see rapid results, usually within the first 3-5 visits. We strive to educate and show home exercises, stretching and self care which not only speeds up the healing process, meaning less visits in our clinic but also, reduces the chance for reinjury and the need for future care.
We have found over the last 40 years chiropractic along with active rehabiliataion and various soft tissue treatment not only speed up recovery but help patients maintain their health for the future making exacerbations much less likely.
First Visit Expectations:
The first visit in our clinic is extremely important for various reasons. First and foremost we want to determine if our office is the right place for you and we can help you. One of our doctors will sit down, discuss your concerns and goals and perform an examination. They will then discuss what they found, what they are able to do about it and how long they think it will take to get you better. That way, everything is laid out in front you so you may make an informed decision on who to move forward.
Average Cost Per Visit: $50-$175
Insurance Accepted as In-Network:
Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Plans
Cigna PPO Plans
Aetna PPO Plans
Want your insurance verified before your first visit? Just email us your insurance information and birthday to our office using the appointment link at the top of this page and we will take care of it for you.








Diversey Health Center

of Chicago, IL. Quality chiropractic care provided by Chiropractor Dr. Justin Boyce and staff at our beautiful Illinois office. Providing a wide array of chiropractic procedures and help with many issues including: Back pain, neck pain, subluxation lower back pain, back pain relief, low back pain, cause of lower back pain, healing back pain, exercise, back pain treatment. All of this available in our convenient chiropractic office in Chicago, Illinois.